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Datum 12/12/2019

We are at the gateway of the year 2020, football is changing. The games are increasingly dynamic, have more rhythm and Puma has designed a boot so that its players can shine brighter.


Puma is an innovating machine and never fails to surprise us with the restyling it does in its boots or the new models it launches. This time it’s no different, and advised by the contributions of its ambassador Thierry Henry, Puma has launched the new Future 5.1 Flash.

Players of the brand like Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suarez or Marco Reus, give inspiration to the name of the “Flash” pack. Their quality flashes on the pitch shine by themselves, hence the name Flash.

Although it may seem like a simple colour change, it is not so. We are talking about a complete  restyling of the upper, the only thing that remains of the previous model is the sole.



This is the part that has changed the most, it is built with NETFIT technology.

The biggest difference with the previous model is that it does not have the 3D finish, which makes the boot less hard and rigid. Helping to give you a better feeling on contact with the ball.

In order not to lose grip with the ball, the 3D finish of the previous generation has been replaced by a layer of GripControl Pro in the parts exposed to greater contact with the ball, giving you more grip.

It is a very comfortable boot, from the first use comfort is perfect.

The Netfit technology that offers different options for placing the laces is responsible for the stability of the boot along with an internal heel.



Nothing changes with respect to the first model, here Puma has used the motto “if a thing works it is not touched”.

Let us remind you that it is an ultralight sole with RapidAgility technology and a combination of tapered and laminated studs, offering maximum multidirectional traction.



All the changes made have been for the better. The new upper is more comfortable and convenient than the previous one and above all it greatly improves contact with the ball in any type of hit. The "sock" part is more elastic, making it much easier to put on your boots.

Very versatile boot and suitable for different player profiles.

Suitable for next generation natural and artificial grass.



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