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Datum 05/08/2019

The 2019-20 season is starting with loads of news of news and the most notable is that there is a new ball for La Liga Santander and Liga 123.


After 23 years of being Nike, for the first time La Liga ball will be from the German brand, Puma.

Puma is really getting into football, with the sponsorships of City Football Group (Manchester City and Girona) and Valencia.

World-class players such as Barcelona's star Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez, Samuel Umtiti, David Silva, Romelo Lukaku, Kun Agüero, Marcos Reus, Santi Cazorla among others are already part of the Puma family, not forgetting one of the most prestigious coaches in the world, Pep Guardiola.

In the case of a great launch like this, we could do nothing but go to a football field, put on the Future 4.1 Netfit Low Pumas and try the new Puma La Liga ball.

Here are its core characteristics and my feelings:

  • High quality ball with the FIFA Quality PRO seal
  • The high frequency moulded structure (to perfectly keep the shape) and the grooves on the surface applied with heat, make the ball have a noble flight, without surprises.
  • Constructed with only 18 heat-sealed panels eliminating seams, for better touch and control.
  • Interior POE foam for better bounce, makes it soft and delicate. In long displacements it is not necessary to hit it very hard, for better precision.
  • PUMA AIR LOCK valve and Perimeter Balance Technology for better aerodynamics
  • Exterior polyurethane


To end the review, I will leave you with the opinion of a professional, René Román, UD Almería goal-keeper:

My initial feelings in this preseason with the new ball have been positive.

It seems more controllable in short passes than previously but a little less precise in long passes.

It is a little lighter which gives it a greater flight, if you hit it well it flies a lot, I have the feeling that this season you will see lots of goals from distant shots.


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