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Infisport Iso Whey Chocolate 1.4kg

  • Infisport Iso Whey Chocolate 1.4kg
  • Infisport Iso Whey Chocolate 1.4kg
  • Infisport Iso Whey Chocolate 1.4kg

Infisport Iso Whey Chocolate 1.4kg

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Description Infisport Iso Whey Chocolate 1.4kg

The protein needs of an athlete are far superior to those in the general population. But at the same time these proteins must be rich in essential amino acids (high biological value) so that the body synthesizes new muscle proteins. These needs can not always be alleviated with food. There are situations where it is necessary to use a protein supplement to avoid incurring deficits that would be very negative for the individual who is practicing sport. At the same time, this situation of intense sport practice puts major strain on joints which can suffer in the long run, leading to joint tissue injuries (tendinitis,chondropathies, etc).

INFISPORT (Institute of Sport Pysiology), taking into account all these requirements seen in their daily professional practice, has formulated INFISPORT ISO WHEY Articulate Leucine+, a product made with protein isolate fresh milk of high biological value, obtained through microfiltration cross-flow (CFM), a technique which acheives a product low in sodium, almost no microfiltration cross-flow, almost no fat or lactose, with a high mineral content (calcium) and a high proportion of protein, all without disturbing its molecular structure, ensuring its high biological activity, and which causes activation of muscle cell receptors on the amino acids it contains, proceeding in that way to uptake and cause muscle growth (natural anabolism). But for this growth and regeneration to be maximized, INFISPORT has enriched the formulation with leucine, the true 'engine' of protein synthesis.

This way, by taking ISO WHEY ARTICULAR Leucine , the muscle cells increase their synthesis of proteins. At the same time, to reduce the negative effects of physical exercise on connective joint tissue, collagen hydrolyzate has been incorporated into the formulation, containing the necessary amino acids for regeneration of chondrocytes (cells which make up the joint tissue).Thus a product with a high protein concentration is obtained; a pleasant flavour and easy absorption which increases the synthesis of muscle proteins, preventing its degradation and protecting joints. The addition of vitamin B6 facilitates the metabolic use of the product.


- Pots containing: 1.8 kg.
- Available in Chocolate and Strawberry

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Características Infisport Iso Whey Chocolate 1.4kg

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