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Review adidas Copa Mundial

Review adidas Copa Mundial

Datum 10/05/2019

The comfort provided by kangaroo leather is the most important thing to point out about the Adidas World Cup football boots.


I’m going to talk to you about the most popular football boot of all time. Launched with the legendary name, adidas World Cup in 1979, this boot was designed for the Spanish World Cup of 1982 and was the successor to the Adidas Samba model of 1952.

Adidas opted for a lightweight and flexible boot (the boots are made from 100% kangaroo leather).  With its three bands pattern and its folding tongue, it did not take long to cause a stir in the market, and later to become part of football boot history.

Magnificent players like Beckenbauer, Müller, Redondo, Zidane, Xavi, Tardelli and Platini have worn World Cup football boots.

Now that their history has been reviewed, I will tell you about their technical characteristics:

The exterior is 100% high-quality kangaroo leather which provides comfort, the interior is lined with a synthetic material, the sole is EVA and consists of 12 round flat studs.


Worth a mention:

The comfort provided by kangaroo leather is the most important thing to point out about the adidas World Cup football boots. The boot adapts completely to your foot after it has been worn 2 or 3 times.

As the boots are made of leather, you should look after them well by applying dubbin to keep the leather hydrated and to keep them as new.

The premium materials used by Adidas for this design offer a high level of durability. These boots may last until you retire, rather than before you retire them!

The layout, shape and length of the studs provides good rotation, whether on artificial or natural grass, which is something to keep in mind if you want to look after your knees and avoid potential injuries.


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